The comprehensive report by ANT EDU and Hanoi Television Station on December 4, 2023

ANT EDU – In order to enhance life skills for students in the city, recently the Center for Social Work and the Hanoi Children’s Welfare Fund have implemented a life skills communication class for students throughout My Duc district, and provided online English scholarships to them.

The program is implemented by the Center for Social Work and the Children’s Welfare Fund, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

In the program, experts provided and shared the necessary knowledge and skills for children to protect themselves in the online environment, with the theme: “Protecting Children in the Online Environment”.

Students were taught to recognize harmful behaviors through the internet, self-protection skills against current forms of abuse, especially online sexual abuse. Safe internet usage for students, experiences in handling situations when there is a risk of online abuse were also addressed.

Understanding these points helps students realize the benefits and harms of using the internet and social networks.

At Dai Hung Secondary School, Dr. Nguyen Duy Nhien, Head of the Philosophy Department, Hanoi University of Education, shared many meaningful stories with students on the topic: “The value of love”.

From these stories, students understand the silent sacrifices of parents, teachers, to cultivate gratitude, empathy, and sharing. Ways to express love for parents, teachers, friends, and those around them were also discussed.

Dr. Nguyen Duy Nhien stated:

“Love is one of the core values. It is both a characteristic and a value to demonstrate love and responsibility in one’s life. For students, they receive a lot of unconditional love and sacrifices from their parents, families, teachers, and schools. Therefore, they must understand this value. They must see that love is fundamental, core, for humans to truly live in families, communities, schools, and society.” 


Students are taught very good values ​​to express in the value of love, and from this value of love, many skills will be formed: Understanding skills, listening skills. Understanding and listening are things to feel the value of life.”

In addition, the Communication Department, the Center for Social Work, and the Hanoi Child Welfare Foundation also awarded 50 online English scholarships to students in difficult circumstances from two schools. Each scholarship is worth 2,500,000 VND sponsored by Ant Edu Education and Training Joint Stock Company.

Ms. Trieu Bich Hao, representing Ant Edu, answered the interview:


Ms. Trieu Bich Hao, Director of the Examination Center, representing ANT EDU company, shared: “In recent years, we have been accompanying the Children’s Support Fund and awarding scholarships. With these scholarships, which are online English learning programs, we hope that these gifts will bring fairness to the children, allowing them to access high-quality English training courses.

In the upcoming period, we strongly commit to supporting the Social Assistance Center. This is also a joy for Ant Edu and an opportunity to spread love, providing children with more joy, encouragement, and intellectual resources as they step into the future.”

This practical and meaningful gift helps students have better learning conditions, expand their knowledge, improve the quality of their studies, and serves as a real motivation, assisting students in overcoming difficulties and continuing their educational journey.

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