Honor, salary increase, and appreciation for the warriors of Ant Edu

Honor, salary increase, and appreciation for the warriors of Ant Edu

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung


ANT EDU – Hanoi, 22/3/2024 – Following the performance appraisal for the second half of 2023, the leadership team of ANT EDU company has made the decision to increase salaries for the top 4 outstanding individuals, namely:

Designer Trần Nam Cung – Digital Marketing.
Leader Content Hoàng Thị Xuân – Digital Marketing.
Content Lê Thị Hiền – Social Marketing.
Bùi Quỳnh Anh – Phòng Vận hành.

The significant contributions of outstanding individuals to ANT EDU

In 2023, it was a challenging year overall for the Vietnamese economy, and for ANT EDU, it was also a year filled with trials.

Alongside the company’s leadership, there were diligent and creative employees who consistently surpassed difficulties to excellently fulfill their duties.

Four employees were honored as the best among the best.

Designer Tran Nam Cung excelled in completing tasks to enhance brand identity, significantly contributing to improving the sales closure rate of the Digital Marketing and Social Marketing departments.

Content employee Le Thi Hien also performed well in tasks assigned by the Social department, facing numerous challenges regarding KPIs, content quantity, and quality.

Leader of Content Hoang Thi Xuan and the entire team successfully fulfilled all content-related tasks, achieving significant labor productivity.

Bui Quynh Anh also made important contributions to Operations, crucially aiding in ensuring smooth conduct of classes.

The expectations of ANT EDU in 2024

Besides the 4 outstanding individuals who have been honored, there are many others who are also recognized and appreciated, quietly contributing to the overall educational endeavor of ANT EDU – an educational technology company.

Honoring exceptional individuals is essential to boost enthusiasm, creativity among each employee, not only driving the company’s development but also contributing to increasing income for the workforce – the smallest cells of the enterprise.

With the recognition of these 4 outstanding individuals, ANT EDU believes that they will serve as shining examples for other employees to follow, not only encouraging diligence and creativity but also serving as motivation to increase income and enhance both material and spiritual well-being.

Once again, congratulations to Le Thi Hien, Tran Nam Cung, Hoang Thi Xuan, and Bui Quynh Anh. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, may you continue to excel in your roles.

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