ANT – EDU has successfully completed the scholarship awarding program for underprivileged children in 2023

ANT EDU – with the support and assistance from the Department of Social Work – Hanoi Children’s Support Fund, along with the company’s policy of serving social benefits in general and children in particular, aims to promote education, support children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and contribute to enhancing knowledge for the entire community.

ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company has completed a series of scholarship awards for underprivileged children at Can Kiem Secondary School, Huong Ngai Secondary School in Thach That district, Dai Hung Secondary School, Phung Xa Secondary School in My Duc district.

Alongside these meaningful days, in addition to the company’s internal resources, there is also significant contribution and support from the Principals of the secondary schools who have dedicated time to organize educational promotion programs and scholarship awards from ANT EDU, along with communication programs for students: “Protecting children in the online environment.”

Purpose of ANT EDU’s Online English Scholarship Award

The primary purpose of awarding the first Online English Scholarship by ANT EDU is to support students in difficult circumstances to access the most advanced English language learning programs, helping them absorb knowledge as quickly as possible, gradually bridging the gap with their peers under better conditions, and promoting the dissemination of knowledge and technology skills that ANT EDU possesses.

On the occasion of the Social Work Department and the Children’s Support Fund having a media program on “Protecting Children in the Online Environment,” ANT EDU’s provision of Online English Scholarships is a way to assist disadvantaged students, but also to encourage other students to stay away from harmful information that could adversely affect their mental and emotional well-being, leading to declines in physical and psychological health, as well as hindering academic performance and recreational activities.

Awarding English scholarships is also one of the traditions of ANT EDU since its establishment. ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company is always ready to listen to calls for help from all over the country to support students with scholarships and incentives for learning. Contact: 092 298 5555.

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ANT EDU trao học bổng tiếng Anh online tại huyện Thạch Thất và huyện Mỹ Đức

Awarding scholarships to students and the support of educational experts

Accompanying the banana distribution day is Ms. Trieu Bich Hao – representative of ANT EDU company, Director of Examination Center. Alongside educational experts such as Dr. Nguyen Duy Nhien – speaking at Hương Ngải Secondary School, Đại Hưng Secondary School, the teachers who have been dreaming for many years, along with the presenters from the Child Sponsorship Social Work Department. All have created meaningful days, if students know how to take advantage of it, this could be a turning point in their Foreign Language subject.

Below are the photos captured during the trips:

Trao tặng học bổng cho các em học sinh THCS Đại Hưng
Trao tặng học bổng cho các em học sinh THCS Hương Ngải
Trao tặng học bổng cho các em học sinh THCS Hương Ngải 2
Ms Triệu Bích Hảo phát biểu
Tiến Sĩ Nguyễn Duy Nhiên phát biểu
Ban đại diện và ban giám hiệu trường THCS Cầm Kiệm
Trao tặng học bổng cho các em học sinh THCS Cần Kiệm
Đại diện ANT EDU Ms Triệu Bích Hảo cùng BGH nhà trường THCS Cần Kiệm.
Trao tặng học bổng cho các em học sinh THCS Đại Hưng
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