AI Boosted English held a signing ceremony for a collaboration agreement with Student Life Care on February 29th at Ant Edu

AI Boosted English held a signing ceremony for a collaboration agreement with Student Life Care on February 29th at Ant Edu

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung

Ant edu tổ chức lễ ký hợp đồng hợp tác với Student Life Care ngày 29/02

On the morning of February 29, 2024, the Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between STUDENT LIFE CARE and AI Boosted English Examination Center took place at the headquarters of ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company.

Introduction to Student Life Care

Established in May 2014, Student Life Care is a leading study abroad consultancy company in Vietnam, providing consultancy services and essential care for the needs of Vietnamese students studying abroad in various countries around the world.

Unlike other traditional study abroad support centers, Student Life Care offers comprehensive support services for Vietnamese students throughout their entire study abroad process, from pre-departure to post-graduation. In particular, Student Life Care received a $300,000 investment and strategic advice from Shark Thai Van Linh in the Silver Billionaire Deal program (Shark Tank Vietnam 2018).

Student Life Care Services

Educational Consulting Services: Comprehensive study abroad orientation and scholarship application consultancy for students intending to study abroad in Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, and to apply to international universities in Vietnam such as RMIT, BUV, etc. Assistance for students in preparing study abroad applications and visa applications from embassies, provided free of charge. Organizing soft skills training programs, integration skills training in foreign environments, and guiding students to obtain scholarships.

Study Abroad Service Products: Airport Pickup: Ensuring safe quality airport pickup services to facilitate students’ transportation from the airport to their new accommodation. Accommodation Arrangement: Utilizing a technology system to manage landlords, helping international students choose the most suitable rooms. Vietnamese collaborators living abroad directly inspect and evaluate each house in detail. Part-time Job Placement: Student Life Care is committed to supporting and finding suitable part-time jobs for international students so they can have an income to cover living expenses while studying abroad. Integration Guided Tours: Integration Guided Tour services are provided with the aim of giving international students an overview of their school and the city they live in.

Student Life Care currently possesses strong communities with over 120,000 members ready to support students in integrating into new environments as quickly as possible. Student Life Care has a large community network including Study Abroad Savings, Accommodation in Australia, Jobs in Australia, etc.

With over 10 years of experience, Student Life Care will always be a reliable companion for parents, students, and valued partners on the journey to successful study abroad. Website:

Introduction to AI Boosted English Testing Center under Ant Edu

The AI BOOSTED ENGLISH Testing Center is one of the members of the Ant Edu ecosystem, specializing in testing and evaluating educational outcomes for learners through a rigorous process to measure learners’ achievements in knowledge, skills, attitudes, or foreign language proficiency.

Vision: To become the most reputable Multi-platform Foreign Language Training System in Vietnam. Mission: To provide the best online foreign language learning environment for over 90 million Vietnamese people. Connecting learners with a high-quality teaching team regardless of geographical location. Connecting communities, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the advancement of Vietnamese people’s language proficiency. Core values:

  • Real effort, real value
  • Continuous creativity, continuous innovation
  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Discipline and responsibility
  • Unity for development

Trung tâm Khảo thí AI Boosted English

Central AI Boosted English Testing Center

  • Examiner
  • Receive exam registration information. Support and address inquiries from participants.
  • Provide information and guidance on examination procedures.
  • Supervisor
  • Prepare and set up examination rooms for the exams.
  • Organize exams and ensure compliance with examination organization procedures and regulations.
  • Board of Directors of the center
  • Develop and implement the center’s development plans and activities.
  • Manage the center’s operations.
  • Coordinate and implement activities with partners.

With a social network system inherited from various Ant Edu projects, the AI Boosted English testing center is a brand that many parents and students have access to and remember.

AI Boosted English Testing Center: PTE Boosted Exam Preparation Course:

Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement between Student Life Care and Ant Edu

After a period of discussion and negotiation on the cooperation content, the two parties have agreed on strategic and comprehensive cooperation between Student Life Care Joint Stock Company and Ant Edu Joint Stock Company.

The signing ceremony was attended by:

Mr. Ly Manh Tuan – Business Director of Student Life Care Ms. Trieu Bich Hao – Director of AI Boosted English Testing Center under Ant Edu.

At the beginning of the signing ceremony, Mr. Ly Manh Tuan delivered a speech outlining the key points of cooperation between the two companies.

Immediately afterward was the most important moment of the ceremony, the signing procedure of the contract carried out by the representatives of the two companies, Ms. Trieu Bich Hao and Mr. Ly Manh Tuan together.

Ant edu tổ chức lễ ký hợp đồng hợp tác với Student Life Care ngày 29/02

Next is the speech by Ms. Trieu Bich Hao after the contract signing ceremony. Ms. Hao hopes that this collaboration will be successful and long-lasting, bringing benefits to the customers of both companies.

Collaborating for Business Growth

Speaking at the ceremony, both companies emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation – the signing would bring significant value in terms of development and expansion in the future for both Ant Edu in English education and training and Student Life Care in comprehensive overseas study advisory support.

Thanks to this collaboration, Ant Edu and Student Life Care can provide customers with a comprehensive service, accompanying them on their important and challenging journey. From preparation for essential English certifications to supporting Vietnamese students studying abroad before departure and after graduation, Ant Edu and Student Life Care will be there every step of the way with their customers.

With the agreements just signed, Ant Edu and Student Life Care hope to pool resources, promote cooperation, support development, and bring mutual benefits and values to both parties’ customers.

All companies interested in collaborating and offering scholarships with Ant Edu can contact the hotline: 092 298 5555.

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