Introducing AI technology into education – ANT EDU officially signs a strategic partnership agreement with Language Confidence

Introducing AI technology into education – ANT EDU officially signs a strategic partnership agreement with Language Confidence

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung

On the morning of May 24th, in Hanoi, Language Confidence and Ant Edu had a highly successful signing ceremony, marking a milestone in integrating AI technology into English teaching.

Đưa công nghệ AI vào giảng dạy - ANT EDU chính thức ký kết hợp tác chiến lược cùng Language Confidence

Lễ ký kết diễn ra thành công tốt đẹp

In the era of Industry 4.0 today, learners have access to a vast amount of information thanks to technologies and the Internet, which has changed the way knowledge is acquired and transmitted, as well as reduced the need for memorization. Therefore, educational institutions must continuously strive to research, explore, update, and implement appropriate teaching methods that help learners easily remember and proficiently practice skills.

Based on the outstanding effectiveness of integrating technology into English language teaching, Ant Edu Education and Training Joint Stock Company has partnered with Language Confidence to integrate technology into English language teaching for learners.

As part of the collaboration, the two companies have exchanged ideas and detailed plans for comprehensive integration into Ant Edu’s training and testing system – starting from competency assessment, curriculum development, practice sessions, to outcome evaluation/testing with accredited institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education

Hợp tác giữa LC và Ant Edu đánh dấu một bước tiến quan trọng trong sự phát triển của cả 2 doanh nghiệp
Nicholas Jon Jenkins – CEO của Language Confidence phát biểu tại Lễ ký kết

Integrating AI Technology into Teaching at Ant Edu

Language Confidence is an education company operating on an AI-first model with the aim of automating English teaching and speaking skills assessment. Language Confidence is the first Australian enterprise to apply AI technology to automate English learning and speaking skill assessment. Speaking at the signing ceremony, a representative from Language Confidence, Mr. Nicholas, praised the collaboration with Ant Edu for their new IELTS product in the Vietnamese market.

Ant Edu takes pride in being a pioneer in personalizing learners’ journeys based on technology platforms. Let’s look forward to the collaboration between Language Confidence and Ant Edu, promising to explode in enhancing the quality of English teaching and learning!

Đưa công nghệ AI vào giảng dạy - ANT EDU chính thức ký kết hợp tác chiến lược cùng Language Confidence

Why is AI beneficial in teaching?

Integrating AI technology into teaching is an important and promising trend in modern education. The combination of AI and teaching opens up many opportunities to improve the quality of education and create a more interactive and effective learning environment for both students and teachers. Here are some ways in which AI technology can be integrated into teaching:

Automating classroom management: AI technology can assist teachers in managing classrooms, identifying each student’s learning progress, and providing suggestions on how to personalize teaching.

Smart assessment systems: AI can automatically assess students’ skills and knowledge, reducing manual assessment work and generating detailed progress reports.

Personalized teaching: AI can categorize students based on their abilities and individual preferences, thus creating tailored learning content for each student.

24/7 learning: AI technology allows students to learn anytime, anywhere, through online learning applications.

Teaching assistant: AI can help teachers create teaching materials, suggest teaching methods, and manage learning materials.

Teacher training: AI technology can support teachers in enhancing teaching capabilities, providing advice on teaching methods based on statistical data and feedback from students.

Multilingual teaching: AI can translate and create teaching content in multiple languages, helping to create a diverse and global learning environment.

However, integrating AI technology into teaching also poses many challenges. It is essential to ensure that the technology is used ethically and protects students’ personal information. Moreover, teacher training and providing technological infrastructure are crucial parts of this process.

In conclusion, integrating AI technology into teaching can bring many benefits to students and teachers, helping to create a more effective and personalized learning environment. However, it is important to implement this process thoughtfully and ensure the security and ethical use of AI technology in education.

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