June has passed, congratulations to Ant Edu for growing stronger and moving forward steadily. This achievement is attributed to the collective effort of the entire Ant Edu team. In particular, we honor the outstanding individuals in the following departments:

  1. Top Sales of the month
  • Top 1: Dương Thị Thu Hà – Excellent TVTS of June
  1. Warrior Sales Incentive Program
  • Top 1: Đặng Thanh Lan – Sales Warrior
  • Top 2: Dương Thị Thu Hà – Sales Warrior
  • Top 1: Trần Thị Ngọc Ánh – Sales Warrior
  1. Warrior Marketing Incentive Program
  • Top 1: Đỗ Ngọc Vân – Digital Marketing Warrior
  • Top 1: Dương Thị Dung – Social Media Warrior
  1. Warrior HR Incentive Program
  • Top 1: Bùi Tâm Hiền – HR Warrior

We hope that this recognition will serve as a small motivation, adding strength for you to continue to excel in your work and contribute to the overall development of the company.

The management team sincerely appreciates and acknowledges the efforts of outstanding individuals and the entire Ant Edu family. We hope that this will be a source of motivation for us to strive even harder every day, working together to contribute to the growth and culture of Ant Edu.

Wishing everyone good health and even greater success ahead!

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