ANT EDU continues to award 50 scholarships for Online English courses

50 scholarships have been awarded – On November 27th, 2023, ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company, in collaboration with the Center for Social Work and the Children’s Aid Fund of Hanoi, organized an exchange session and awarded online English scholarships to disadvantaged students. This scholarship program is part of the “Student Communication on the topic of ‘Protecting children in the online environment'” and awarding online English scholarships.


Purpose of ANT EDU’s scholarship grant

Aligned with the trends of the new era, ANT EDU is currently operating as an EdTech company. By combining technology and education to optimize time and resources, ANT EDU aims to produce the best talents with minimal resources, ensuring quality in human capital while saving costs.

In the not-so-distant future, ANT EDU’s educational technologies will inevitably integrate into the lives of students. From learning to testing, and even examination processes, modern technologies will be applied to enhance students’ language proficiency.

However, despite technological advancements, access remains limited to students who have the means in terms of devices, communication, information acquisition, and quick adaptation to learning to improve their language skills. This limited access has widened the academic gap between privileged students and those who are less fortunate.

To bridge this gap in educational opportunities, beyond requiring students facing difficulties to possess determination and certain capabilities, providing both moral and material support is essential, preferably sooner rather than later. ANT EDU’s choice to target middle school students is based on thorough research, identifying an age group capable of grasping technology, while still having ample time and awareness to practice language skills and enhance academic performance.

From purpose to action is a long journey, yet ANT EDU has fulfilled its purpose by granting scholarships to middle school students from Can Kiem, Phung Xa, and Dai Hung, totaling 50 online English scholarship slots.

In the future, ANT EDU undoubtedly plans to offer even more scholarships, aspiring to rapidly disseminate knowledge to as many students as possible.

The scholarship program takes place at Can Kiem and Phung Xa Middle Schools in Thach That district


The program took place with solemnity, organized in the first period of Monday, November 27, 2023, after the flag ceremony.

The program began with a speech by the representative of the Central Social Work Agency and the Hanoi Children’s Welfare Fund. The speech emphasized the significance of the scholarship award ceremony and aimed to raise awareness about protecting children in the online environment.

Next in the program was the presentation of scholarships to students by the representative of ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company, Ms. Trieu Bich Hao, Director of the Examination Center.

The program concluded with words of thanks from the Headmaster.


There are still many scholarships available to support students. ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company is always open to receiving and listening to charitable organizations to support students and equip them with additional language skills, enhance academic performance, and improve the quality of human resources for Vietnam. Hotline: 092 298 5555..


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