Ant Edu participates in an exchange with philanthropists in Hanoi

To have a warm and meaningful Christmas season, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy General Director of Ant Edu, represented Ant Edu and Ant Group to participate in a special event in Hanoi city – the program “Exchange among kind-hearted benefactors supporting charity for children with special circumstances, difficult situations.” This is an important and meaningful event, taking place on December 25th, where everyone comes together to share love and concern for the children in most need of assistance.

Ant Edu is one of the prominent names in the field of education in Vietnam. With a commitment to working towards the mission of building a bright future for the younger generation, the company not only operates in the traditional education sector but also prioritizes sustainable development and social responsibility in its activities.


Attending the charity event in Hanoi alongside Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy General Director of Ant Edu, is not only a humanitarian act but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to its role as a corporate citizen addressing social issues. Ant Edu has recognized that, to build a better future, we need to collectively support those facing special hardships, with a priority on children.

Charitable Mission: Connecting and Supporting Children in Difficult Circumstances

The program “Exchange between philanthropists supporting charity for children with special circumstances, difficult circumstances” in Hanoi has been established and developed since 2008. This is an annual event that attracts the attention and contributions of many individuals, organizations, and businesses.


The main mission of the program is to assist children in difficult circumstances, particularly those who are often overlooked by society. This program not only provides material gifts but also serves as an opportunity for these children to meet and converse with compassionate individuals. This helps build optimism, confidence, and hope in their hearts, allowing them to see that there is a caring and sharing world beyond their own.

Contribution of Ant Edu and Ant Group

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, representing Ant Edu, participated in this event on behalf of the company and Ant Group. Ant Edu and Ant Group not only brought meaningful gifts but also conveyed emotions and words of encouragement to the children. This action is part of the company’s commitment to building a better society where people support and help each other.

This charity program has provided more favorable conditions for the lives and education of thousands of children with special circumstances and difficulties. Thanks to the support and care of philanthropists, they have the opportunity to maximize their potential and create a brighter future.


The program “Exchange between philanthropists supporting charity for children with special circumstances, disadvantaged circumstances” in Hanoi has become an important and meaningful event. The active participation of Ant Edu and Ant Group is a clear example of the commitment of businesses in building a better society. We hope that this support will continue to spread and create new opportunities for children in difficult circumstances, helping them to have a meaningful life and a bright future.

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