ANT EDU FC secured the third place in the ANT-GROUP Quadrangular Cup

On December 3rd, 2023, ANT EDU FC excellently secured the third prize in the ANT – GROUP Quadrangular Cup organized by the ANT GROUP media conglomerate, aiming to enhance health and promote the sports movement among the corporation’s employees.

Competing in this edition of the Quadrangular Cup were 4 teams: ANT Content, ANT EDU, Beta Music, and Rise Group.

The tournament was arranged with a draw where the 4 teams faced each other in pairs. The winning team advanced directly to the final, while the losing team contended for the third-place prize.

ANT EDU faced Rise Group, the guest team of the tournament. In this match, Rise Group was considered superior due to their youthful vigor and balanced lines. However, ANT EDU emerged as the better team, holding possession and scoring first. Unexpectedly, in the second half, ANT EDU conceded two consecutive goals due to unfortunate circumstances. ANT EDU lost the match with regret and bitterness, proceeding to compete for third place against Beta Music (the losing team of ANT Content)..

Entering the third-place playoff with a less than favorable mindset and mentality following their recent loss, ANT EDU immediately conceded an own goal to go behind. Shortly after, captain Hoan came on as a substitute to equalize, making it 1-1.

However, due to an unnecessary mistake in defense, ANT EDU found themselves trailing again, this time 1-2. This was followed by a barrage of attacks from Beta Music, whose team comprised mostly young players known for their speed and physicality, dominating nearly all contested situations and posing significant challenges for ANT EDU’s goalkeeper and defenders. The first half ended with Beta Music leading 2-1.

After regaining their spirits, ANT EDU came alive in the second half, relentlessly attacking and pressuring the opponent’s defense. They scored three consecutive goals, overpowering their opponents. Beta Music, who had stormed in the first half, showed signs of fatigue and suffered from injuries, ultimately accepting defeat as they ran out of players to field. ANT EDU convincingly secured the third-place trophy.

In this tournament, Rise Media emerged as the champions, meaning ANT EDU only lost to the eventual champions. Ant Content secured the second position.

ANT EDU officially claimed the third-place title


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