[EN] ANT EDU continues to award online English scholarships on the morning of December 24th

[EN] ANT EDU continues to award online English scholarships on the morning of December 24th

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung


ANT EDU – The Board of Trustees of the Hanoi Children’s Welfare Fund has successfully raised over 13.38 billion dong in 2023, of which 648 million dong has been generously donated by philanthropists to support 301 children in difficult circumstances, particularly in Hanoi.

On the morning of December 24th, the exchange program between benevolent individuals supporting charitable causes and children in special and difficult circumstances in 2023 was organized with the participation of ANT EDU Education Joint Stock Company.


ANT EDU Joint Stock Company presents gifts to children:

With the support of philanthropists, organizations, and businesses, including ANT EDU Joint Stock Company sponsoring 50 online English scholarships worth 125 million Vietnamese dong. Along with many other enterprises such as Ao Vua Joint Stock Company, Doan Thi Diem Primary School. All 300 participating children received a gift worth 600,000 Vietnamese dong. The total budget allocated for the program is 648 million Vietnamese dong.


Gratitude for compassionate hearts

Presently, Hanoi city has 13,097 children with special circumstances and 27,166 children at risk of falling into such circumstances. These children are in great need of care, sharing, and assistance. Currently, the Hanoi Children’s Welfare Council, the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi, have directed the Social Work Center and the Children’s Welfare Fund of Hanoi to mobilize over 13.38 billion VND, including both cash and in-kind donations, to support 10,249 children in special and difficult circumstances.


ANT EDU Education and Training Joint Stock Company always supports and accompanies

Organizations, units wishing to find sponsors for scholarship funds, charity, please contact the hotline: 092 298 555 of ANT EDU.

See more charitable activities of ANT EDU:

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