ANT EDU won the Vietnam 2023 Digital Content Innovation Award

ANT EDU won the Vietnam 2023 Digital Content Innovation Award

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung

Recently, on December 22nd, 2023, representatives and the Product team of ANT EDU Joint Stock Company achieved qualification for the final round of the VCA Awards and won the Excellent Education Content Product Award in the Journey of Tanee category.

This marks the conclusion of a successful year for ANT EDU across cultural, educational, and business domains, and is a source of pride for the Product team specifically within ANT EDU.

Introduction to the VCA Awards

The VCA Awards (Vietnam Digital Content Creation Awards) is a recognition by the Vietnam Digital Content Creation Alliance (DCCA). It is hosted by the VDCA (Vietnam Digital Communications Association) and organized by the DCCA.

The objectives of the VCA Awards are to:

  • Acknowledge and honor outstanding creativity among content creators.
  • Promote the development of Vietnam’s digital content creation industry.
  • Encourage the production of high-value content for both domestic and international communities.
  • Elevate the intellectual products of the Vietnamese people and promote Vietnamese cultural values through digital content.

There are seven award categories in the VCA Awards:

  1. Best Short Film
  2. Best Animation
  3. Best Advertisement
  4. Excellent Education Content Product
  5. Outstanding Content Creator
  6. Content Creator for Community
  7. Promising Content Creator

Among these, ANT EDU achieved the award for Excellent Education Content Product.

ANT EDU won the Excellent Education Content Product Award for its product “AI Test System – Journey of the Ants” (Tanee’s Journey), developed by the ANT EDU Product team. This recognition highlights the significant societal impact and the value ANT EDU’s AI Test product brings to the community.

Ms. Le Nguyet Anh – Leader of the AI Test System Product Team – Journey of the Ants

Hello Ms. Nguyet Anh, it’s understood that this is one of the initial successes of the AI Test System developed by the Product team. Could you introduce why you and your team created this product?

Please introduce yourself and your current position within the “AI Test System, Journey of the Ants” project.

Explain why you decided to create this product. What was the starting point?

What were the goals set for this product when entering this competition?

What is the main goal of the “AI Test System, Journey of the Ants”?

What benefits do you expect this product to provide to users?

In order to develop such a high-quality product, what infrastructure and technologies did you use?

What technology and infrastructure did you utilize to build the “AI Test System, Journey of the Ants”?

What challenges did you face during the implementation of the technology?

What makes your product unique and valuable compared to others?

What unique features does your product have compared to similar products on the market?

How do you plan to apply this product in practice? How can the “AI Test System, Journey of the Ants” be applied in real life?

What benefits do you expect this product to bring to users and the industry?

What feedback have you received from users during product testing? Were there any strong objections?

How did you receive feedback from the community and users?

Are there any plans for the future development and improvement of the product?

What is your perspective on the future of AI and AI testing in education in general?

Are there any trends or developments that you predict will impact your product?

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