The Real IELTS – training and IELTS exam preparation with guaranteed outcomes

The Real IELTS – training and IELTS exam preparation with guaranteed outcomes

Tóm tắt nội dung

Tóm tắt nội dung

The Real IELTS – this is one of ANT EDU’s projects aimed at training high-quality personnel who achieve outstanding band scores to serve for studying abroad or working with foreign enterprises. This project has been invested in significantly by ANT EDU in terms of expertise, personnel, and resources.

The website is the official website of The Real IELTS, a leading IELTS training unit in Vietnam with a clear learning roadmap and exclusive LCLT method along with an experienced team of experts.

The learning roadmap is clearly presented is a website introducing The Real IELTS project not only to those who want to conquer the IELTS exam but also to those seeking a quality and effective learning roadmap. This is the official website of The Real IELTS, the top IELTS training unit in Vietnam.


The LCLT method and many experienced experts

The distinctive feature of lies in its clear learning trajectory and the exclusive LCLT method it provides. LCLT, also known as “Listening, Copying, Lifting, and Translating,” is a unique learning method that helps students approach English naturally and flexibly. This enables them to grasp the language not only through grammar but also through listening, mimicking, and understanding translations.

Moreover, the experienced team of experts at The Real IELTS commits to providing comprehensive support to students throughout their learning journey. Consultation sessions, teachings, and assessments are all designed to optimize students’ understanding and usage of English.

The website offers detailed information about courses and provides study materials, sample tests, along with many other useful resources. This empowers students to face IELTS exams with confidence. Furthermore, serves as a platform for interaction and knowledge sharing among the student community. The forums and blogs on the website are excellent places for students to share insights, ask questions, and collectively create a positive learning environment.


The Real IELTS provides various online and offline IELTS courses

The Real IELTS has designed and organized numerous high-quality IELTS courses both online and offline. With a mission to provide learning opportunities for everyone, the project has developed a range of diverse courses suitable for learners of all levels and goals.

The IELTS Kick Off course is an excellent starting point for those embarking on their journey to conquer the IELTS. It focuses on building a solid foundation, helping students become familiar with the necessary skills to face the exam.

For those looking to quickly improve their scores, IELTS Speed-Up is the choice. This course is geared towards enhancing speed and efficiency in answering, enabling students to feel more confident when tackling the challenges of the exam.


IELTS Modest is the perfect blend of flexibility and quality. It is designed to meet the needs of busy individuals who still desire a high-quality learning experience.

The IELTS Fluent and IELTS Advanced courses are significant steps in English language proficiency development. They take students through advanced challenges, helping them master both skills and test-taking strategies.

For those seeking personalized and focused learning experiences, the intensive IELTS 1-1 course is the right choice. Guided by professional instructors, students receive individual attention and detailed feedback for rapid improvement.

Beyond diverse content, each course is meticulously crafted to ensure that students not only learn effectively but also have a positive and enjoyable learning experience. This makes the ideal destination for everyone, from English learners to those aiming to enhance their IELTS proficiency.

The Real IELTS provides a variety of free IELTS learning materials

The Real IELTS not only organizes IELTS courses but also provides a variety of free IELTS learning materials, helping learners to study and practice flexibly on their own. This fosters a proactive and diverse learning community. The project continuously updates sample tests according to the real format of the IELTS exam. These tests are carefully compiled to fully reflect the structure and content of the actual exam, helping learners become familiar with the exam format and enhance their test-taking skills.

Furthermore, the free IELTS learning materials also include detailed answers and scoring tables to help learners self-assess and evaluate their results. This is crucial for them to have a realistic view of their current abilities and adjust their study methods if necessary.

Detailed and high-quality exam instructions are also provided with each sample test. This helps learners not only understand the correct answers but also grasp exam strategies, idea construction, and key steps in the exam process. For convenience, learners can sign up to receive materials via email to stay updated with the latest information. Additionally, they can also download directly from the website, facilitating self-study according to their personal schedules.

All these free learning materials not only help learners prepare well for the IELTS exam but also boost confidence and motivation in the learning process. is truly a reliable resource for those striving to achieve their IELTS goals.



Update the latest news about exams and certificates related to IELTS:

The Real IELS project, while focusing on IELTS training goals, also provides comprehensive and accurate information about the latest news related to the IELTS exam. Updating important information such as exam schedules, fees, trends in test formats, and exam-taking experiences is an essential part of the commitment to accompany students on their journey to conquer the IELTS.

The “News” section on the website serves as a hub for all information related to IELTS. From official announcements from the managing organization to shared experiences from those who have succeeded in the exam, everything is regularly updated and timely.

Exam schedules are one of the crucial pieces of information that learners often inquire about. The website not only provides information about the expected exam dates but also updates promptly with any changes from the organizing body. This helps students plan their time and choose a suitable exam date according to their personal schedule.

Information about fees is an important factor in preparing for the exam. provides detailed and transparent information about the costs associated with various courses and services. This helps students have a clear understanding of the necessary financial resources and allows them to choose a suitable option.

Understanding the trend of exam formats is a decisive factor for success in the IELTS exam. Articles and analyses on the website help students grasp recent exam trends and adjust their study methods accordingly. This makes preparation more flexible and effective.

Additionally, shared experiences from those who have successfully completed the IELTS exam are a source of encouragement and valuable knowledge. Learners can learn from success stories, the mistakes they avoided, and the strategies they applied to achieve high scores.

With this information, is not only a place for learning but also a community of comprehensive information, helping students feel confident and prepare best for the challenges of the IELTS exam.

For more details, you can directly visit the website or call the hotline: 092 298 5555 to learn more.


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